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What are the Most Popluar Sex Toys for Men and Women?

Anal sex has long been one of the taboo subjects that were only talked about behind the scenes. In the meantime, the stimulation of the erogenous zone of the anus has become acceptable. This applies to women as well as men. Especially because of the many nerve endings in the anus, this is particularly sensitive and offers everyone a possible boost in lovemaking.

What is an anal vibrator?

This sex toy, similar to a normal vibrator, is designed specifically for a particular type of stimulation. He is to put interested women and men in the seventh heaven. For this he is built so that he massages the anal region and thus stimulates the vagina in women and the prostate in men. So the anal vibrator is an excellent addition to lovemaking for singles or couples. Typically man is not this type of vibrators. Nevertheless, more and more men are enjoying the pleasure of a prostate massage.

When playing with these sex toys, however, attention should be paid to sufficient lubricant, as the anus does not have its own moisture production. Overall, the entire area reacts very sensitive. This brings pleasure to both women and men.

How is an anal vibrator used?

Anal vibrators are built to reach the most erogenous zones around the anus. To better reach the prostate in men, these vibrators are rather elongated and curved. So the prostate vibrator is gently inserted into the anus and then gently massages the prostate with his tip.

Often, these have vibration levels that can be adjusted individually and thus ensure that we can experience everything from mild to strong stimulation. If the vibrator then still slightly rotated or moved with a slight bump, which leads to completely new and intense excitement of previously unknown pleasure centers.

The butt plug

Of course, vibrators for the anal area are also available to inclined women. These are also for the man to use, but often do not meet the requirement of a prostate vibrator. Here cone-shaped or conical variants are available. These have a broad base, so that the anal vibrator does not disappear unintentionally. There are some with handles or loops for easy handling. There are also variants with a squeegee, which can be fixed on smooth surfaces, especially when enjoying a solo.

Anal chain

Pulsating anal chains are very beginner-friendly and offer very special pleasure heights, due to the ever-increasing ball structure. These are equally stimulating for both men and women, as they are gently introduced, ensuring that we can progressively increase ourselves.

Stimulating nubs

For special delights can provide in advanced, vibrators with extra stimulating nubs. This ergonomically shaped version is usually wavy and provides with its intense vibrations for a special sense of pleasure.

Double penetrationĀ 

Women also find a combination of both vibrator models interesting. Here, by a simultaneous penetration of the vagina as well as the anus elicits a feeling of elation and makes them swing to unimagined orgasms. There are many other variations and combinations of these. The here mentioned should give only a rough view of the game world, which can be opened here.


Anyone who has ever thought about an anal vibrator will soon realize that there are several different materials here. Everything is possible with silicone, glass, ABS, wood or stainless steel. There is also Jelly, which is made of PVC or vinyl. All these solids can be safely used. Save Jelly. Everyone should keep their fingers out, as they often contain harmful plasticizers and, because of their rather porous surface, they can easily provide a breeding ground for microorganisms.

Glass or stainless steel vibrators are very lubricious, easy to clean and can be placed in warm water or on the heater for heating. Silicone as well as the solid ABS is the most commonly used materials in the sex toys. In contrast to the variants made of stainless steel or glass, they are also often cheaper to obtain.

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Tip for anal play beginner

Use lubes! As a rule of thumb, too much is just enough. Especially at the beginning should not be saved with lubricant. Here water-based gel can be used or even thicker, which does not dry out. For this purpose, vast amounts of aids are available. However, the type of lubricant should be considered in combination with silicone.

Advantages and disadvantages of anal vibrators

  • Skin friendly material
  • Easy care
  • Variety in the nature of the orgasm
  • Internal instead of external stimulation
  • More intense orgasm in man by stimulation of the prostate
  • Different vibration levels
  • Extensive stimulation of all erogenous zones possible
  • Hygienic penetration

The first-time application of anal vibrators can be unfamiliar or uncomfortable. Those who still want to get involved can first start by stimulating other erogenous areas such as the penis or the vagina to relax. Penetration with a corresponding amount of lubricant should be easier and less uncomfortable.

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Tips and Tricks for the nice anal sex

If you feel that your partner is too cramped, groaning hard and not feeling well, then you better stop. Even if she does not say “no,” if she misses those warning signs, it will not be a nice experience for both of them, and probably will be the last. So do not rush anything, trust also comes from the fact that the other can wait, at the right time.

If you explore with your finger the anus of your partner while penetrating vaginal with her penis into it, then try with your finger to palpate your penis . If you exercise light pressure with your index finger perpendicular to the intestine, you can palpate your glands with about exercise and empathy. Experiment with it, you will feel how much it increases your pleasure even further.

Instead of using your fingers, you can also use a vibrator or dildo in preparation for anal intercourse. Homemade anal douches also have the advantage of stimulating you and your partner in its own way. But beware; the danger here is that you will come to the climax too soon, even before you reach your ultimate goal.

Give a voice to their desire and their feeling: moaning, sighing or sobbing during sex. She herself will support it and your partner will also like it very much, if she “hears” what pleasure she is giving you. However, do not exaggerate it here – an exaggerated groaning will deter your partner rather and make them think of dingy pornographic films. Practice by accompanying each exhale with a sound from your mouth. First soft then louder and more intense: Maybe this will infect your partner – if she does not already do it herself, because women are usually more “communicative” during sex than men. There is hardly a man who does not like the tender sigh of his partner during sex.