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Understanding the P-Point and Prostate Stimulators

What has long been a taboo, finally finds its way into our beds: the prostate massage. Here, the prostate (referred to as the female G-spot and P-point) stimulated. This works both with the finger and with a prostate stimulator. Should you choose a prostate stimulator, you have a wide choice. To find out which stimulator suits you best, we have collected some information for you. To explain further on how a prostate stimulator works, it’s very much like when a woman uses yoni eggs for yoga.

How do I massage the prostate?

The prostate gland is a small gland (about the size of a walnut) located at the lower end of the penis. The male G-spot or P-point you reach through the anus. The prostate is a highly erogenous zone. If stimulated or massaged, this causes a sensational tingling that can even lead to orgasm. In addition, it is healthy and can even prevent inflammation. You can massage the prostate itself or ask your partner for it. Whether you use a finger or a prostate massager, you decide yourself. Here’s how to do it:

How to massage your prostate yourself:

Stimulating the prostate is not difficult:

  • Lie on your back and bend your knees.
  • Relax your sphincter.
  • Put some lubricant on your finger (your index or middle fingers are best suited for this) and slowly guide it into your anus.
  • Gently push your finger towards the navel.
  • If you now insert your finger about 5 cm, you will feel a small bulge. This is your prostate.
  • Guide your finger slowly over the prostate.

Good to know: When your prostate gets stimulated, it feels rather strange for a moment as if you were urinating. The feeling is normal and disappears pretty quickly.

Prostate massage by your partner

Getting a prostate massage from a partner is pretty intimate. But it is also incredibly beautiful and exciting. Your partner should not save on the lubricant and possibly use a condom. In principle, the process is the same as when you do it yourself. However, it is much more intimate and exciting when your partner massages the prostate. Can Prostate massage prevent cancer?There are specific answers to that.

Outer massage

To massage the prostate, the finger does not necessarily have to be inserted into the anus. It also feels great when you stroke your dam with light pressure. Use a thumb or your ankles and move it rhythmically over the prostate.


Every man reacts a bit differently to the stimulation of his prostate. Some enjoy it, others rather like it less. Seldom can a prostate stimulation also trigger anger or sadness. Approach the prostate massage so rather slowly and find out what feels good and what is not.

Prostate Stimulators

A prostate stimulator is an (anal) sex toy that stimulates the prostate. Here you can find out more about the prostate massage.

The various prostate stimulators

There is more to the market than just a prostate stimulator.

Butt plug with prostate stimulation

The most comfortable is certainly a butt plug with handle. You can easily control the speed yourself. That your sex toy is a prostate stimulator; you recognize the round shape and the curved tip. Exactly that stimulates your prostate to sensational climaxes. You get that with a butt plug and you can have a peek here:

  • Internal stimulation.
  • Flexible Love Toy.
  • Very hygienic.

Prostate vibrator

A vibrating prostate stimulator or prostate vibrator is inserted into the anus and stimulates the prostate with its round, curved tip. In most cases, a prostate vibrator is made of silicone. Therefore, you should pay attention to quality. Very favorable variants often lack the necessary intensity. They could even contain plasticizers and be harmful to your health. You get that with a prostate vibrator:

  • Internal stimulation.
  • Prostate stimulation.
  • Erotic tension.
  • Very hygienic.

Vibrating perineum stimulator

A vibrating perineum stimulator is intended for external stimulation of the perineum. He is more of an anal stimulator than a vibrator. In most cases, the stimulator is made of silicone. Pay attention to the quality when buying, so you get intense vibrations. You get that with a perineum stimulator:

  • External stimulation
  • Prostate stimulation.
  • Erotic tension.
  • Very hygienic.

Your new prostate stimulator

If you feel like looking for your prostate and want a prostate stimulator to accompany you, ask yourself a few more questions. What type of stimulator are you looking for? What shape and color should your prostate massager have? Or what material should your prostate vibrator is made of? Of course, size does not matter too. As a beginner, we recommend you first a small model. Of course, more experienced customers can better estimate the size they prefer.

With a prostate massage to climax

The prostate is a gland that occurs only in men. It can be easily reached via the rectum and massaged there.

Since the prostate contains a lot of nerves, the massage creates a strong feeling of pleasure. If the massage is done long enough, then the man can get an orgasm much more intense than a normal climax. With a few tips, the experience in the prostate massage can be significantly increased. All men have heard of the prostate gland, which is also referred to as the prostate gland, but they usually do not know what task they have in their bodies or where to find them. The task of the prostate is very simple, because it produces a part of the sperm, namely a secretion, which increases the pH of the sperm and thus ensures that the sperm in the vagina (which is strongly acidic) longer survive. The prostate is about the size of a chestnut and is slightly below the urethra. It can be easily palpated and stimulated from the rectum. In the rectum and the prostate are very many nerves and who is touched tenderly, he feels great desire and a strong excitement. Incidentally, sexual orientation does not matter at all.

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If you want to feel the prostate gland, it has to reach about 5 to 7 centimeters into the rectum. Just below the bladder is the prostate. If you want to concoct the prostate gland, then it is best for you or your partner to insert the index and middle fingers into the rectum and then move in the direction of the abdominal wall. If the man is a little agitated before, then the prostate swells and can be felt easier. Women immediately notice the strong arousal of your partner, that they have the right place.