Carlyle Ocean Drive Articles The Sexiest Ocean Cruises You’ll Actually Want to Go On

The Sexiest Ocean Cruises You’ll Actually Want to Go On

You’ve heard all about sex parties. Frankly, you might be even a little tired of hearing about sex parties. They exist. WE GET IT. But what about sex parties at sea? Well, now we’ve gone and just about blown your mind. Curiosity re-piqued!

Let us paint you a semi-pornographic (to just regularly pornographic) picture: sailing the high seas aboard a luxury ocean liner, whilst carefree half-naked mermaids frolic on deck. Elsewhere, curious couples are engaging in educational seminars on best practices for new sexual positions. And in tucked away, secretive corners other couples and strangers are taking a more hands-on approach to learning — with themselves, with each other, and a variety of combos in between.

These are sexy cruises — full, sailing itineraries to glorious destinations, with lots and lots of onboard, naked activities. There’s a pleasure cruise, and then there’s a pleasure cruise. If you’ve tried all the sex parties in/on the land, you probably can do with a change of scenery. Sexy cruises aren’t for everyone, but they are, evidently, for like, thousands of people every year. And you could easily be one of them.