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How to Use Inflatable Butt Plugs Safely

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Butt plug will not only allow you to diversify your feelings, but also help you in training the muscles of the anus. If you need a big butt plug to buy it is not difficult, such plugs are often used for prelude to anal sex or stimulation of erogenous zones during vaginal sex. You may wonder why you need a butt plug with a stone? Such a toy with a stone is used for daily or irregular wear, with stimulation of erogenous zones, both in men and women. Such a toy causes pleasant sensations and pumps up a special group of muscles. It is necessary to wear such a stopper using anal lubricants, in order to avoid rubbing and unpleasant sensations.

Very often butt plug is used in sex games and during sex. The use of such sex toys during intercourse – will bring previously unexplored and pleasant sensations. Butt plugs come in different sizes, for the first time you will fit the size of the anal plug with a small diameter to stimulate and increase the elasticity of the anus muscles. A large butt plug can be used subsequently, with a water-based lubricant. The sensations from such stimulation are unusual, since the correct use of anal toys is a direct path to a bright and strong orgasm! Also you wonder Is it safe to use inflatable plugs? Get the solutions for the same now.

What is anal plug for?

The time has passed when the phrase ìbutt plugî caused an attack of fear and misunderstanding in men and women. Sexual education is growing every year, and many toys are already becoming the norm. For example, now many girls consider it normal to have a vibrator at home, regardless of whether the girl has a partner or not.

The same thing is happening now with anal congestion. Back in the 90s, only ìadvanced youthî heard about anal plugs, they could not be found in domestic sex shops, and various anal toys were brought from abroad. Now, finding an anal plug in a store, online or offline, is no problem, another thing is that many do not even understand why anal plug is needed.

Preparation is the basis of pleasure

If you are planning in the near future to have anal sex, then you should know that you canít just take a member into the anus once without preparation. Before you do anal pleasures, you need to develop a hole. This should be done with a huge abundance of lubricant, so as not to damage the intestine. Of course, you can massage the anus with your hands, but it is better to use special paraphernalia for this just anal plugs are suitable for this.

Butt plug gradually develops and expands the anus. Therefore, if your goal is to prepare for anal sex, then this accessory fits perfectly.

Pleasure, period

Many people use butt plugs banal for pleasure, especially for men. As you know, through the anus of a man you can get to the prostate, and a massage of this gland causes very bright orgasms. In addition, it is also the prevention of various “male” diseases. As for women, it is believed that anal stimulation through the intestinal wall massages point G, which also leads to pleasure and even orgasms. Therefore, if you still think that a woman cannot get an orgasm from anal penetration, then you just have not tried using at least anal plugs.

Games, submission, passion

Many couples who practice BDSM use butt plugs as punishment. Guilty – you put a cork in you, and you have to carry it in yourself for a while. In addition, these accessories look very erotic, so a variety of plugs with crystals, fluffy tails, other attributes are used in role-playing games, for example, in pony play. If you’re interested with fancy butt plugs like cat, fox tails, etc. visit this link

The particular acuity in using a cork is the feeling of fullness while it is inside the body. But the feeling is even brighter when this plug is removed from the anus. What can I say, we must try!

Before you buy the anal plug, learn a few basic rules. First of all, each partner should have its own toy – even if you sleep in the same bed and eat from the same plate, the butt plug cannot be used by several people. Secondly, remember to use lubricants without them, anal penetration can lead to injuries, cracks in the intestines and other problems.

What is anal plug for?

Modern men and women have become much less conservative in matters of sexual relations, and this fully affects the popularity of anal sex and everything connected with it. Anal toys are gaining immense popularity, and sophisticated in matters of such a savory pleasure, such as stimulation of the anal zone and the anus itself, partners will never agree to give up this sharp and dizzying pleasure. The sex industry seeks to step forward to anticipate the secret desires of customers and offers a huge assortment of anal sex toys to get even more pleasure from stimulating the anus. Among such toys the leading positions in popularity are anal plugs. If you have not yet grasped the science of anal pleasures and are only at the beginning of the path of understanding sensual pleasures, Perhaps you are simply not familiar with the benefits of using these accessories for anal pleasure. Let’s find out why you need a butt plug.

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In pursuit of pleasure

Of course, maximum enjoyment is the main and main reason for using anal plugs. This is explained from a purely physiological point of view. Male prostate is often called the male point of the G. Using the anal plug, a man can get a much brighter and more powerful orgasm, which is not always achievable with the help of the love instrument of his partner. With the help of the anal plug and, naturally, through the ass, our ladies can massage point A, located on the same side of the vaginal wall as point G, but a little further. There is no other way to do this, and this explains the predilection of many women for such a juicy pleasure as anal sex or stimulation, because by stimulating point A through the ass, a woman receives not only strong arousal, but also multiple bright orgasms.

Many couples butt plugs are used with classic vaginal sex. Cork, filling the space of the anus, compresses the walls of the vagina, and this greatly enhances the feeling of penetration of both partners. In order to simulate double penetration in the most realistic way, it is better to choose a medium-sized anal plug with soft and flexible materials. To obtain the maximum possible pleasure, you can use an accessory with vibration, which will become an additional stimulator of arousal, bringing an orgasm closer. Booty Call – anal plug collection From industry-leading manufacturer California Exotic Novelties, you get an unforgettable experience of using these smooth, very pleasant tactile anal plugs made from high-quality, pure medical silicone. During stimulation of the anus, the partners can enjoy the tenderness and very subtle sensual sensations from contact with the surface of the anal toy. Corks from this collection are distinguished by a bold and sophisticated design, they will appeal to unchained couples, for whom fashion and the sense of beauty are not an empty sound. Booty Call Butt Plugs are versatile to use, and equally suited to both men and women.

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