Cruise Sex Parties

Carlyle Ocean Drive Cruise Sex Parties

hey guys how’s it going today thanks for
joining us on another episode of Kevin
and lore travel in this episode we are
heading back to Miami but we are not
there yet
now this episode is full of laughter and
I am sure you will all want to be here
to see it so stick around as I tell you
more about it now hit that intro
now guys I must say this episode
features an exclusive adults-only party
called the Carnival quest hosted by Matt
Mitcham this show is adults only which I
had to edit most of it out but I have
enough of it to give you guys an idea
what it is all about if you happen to
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that like button on my channel so here
we are as if it was all a dream as we
spend the day at sea my brother Michael
gets wasted are you John
next we head to the Red Frog rum bar to
catch Andy on acoustics one more time
before we leave as I look around I
noticed me and my brother David made the
that is him with Nancy a few years ago
on the breeze now dave was having an
amazing time as you can tell next Laura
and I dress up and we go for dinner then
we quickly change out of our clothes and
make our way to the casino we are going
to the adults-only party tonight but we
still have some time to kill
now before the show starts I have to say
I have to cut most of the footage I just
can’t show it on my channel but I did
manage to share enough footage to make
you laugh your asses off with that being
said we make our way to the liquid
lounge now guys welcome the Carnival
Quest the over-18 party hosted by none
other than Matt Mitcham you are about to
see clips from the greatest show on the
Carnival Vista
and before we stop this is the only
serious part about the whole night
if you are live 18 he’s offended this is
not this time we have two less because
next week will you go home I don’t want
you get home via the email says Ricardo
cruise line and you’re right oh my god
the truth is additionally seven things
going around I’m gonna tell you right
from the get-go the one single one see
tonight the ones that you will see spec
is maybe a guy run around here injustice
underwear now that was me I ended up in
just my underwear organza for different
people and that’s not for you I mean you
choose to be do we have an ID ok
differently judge there is so much of
this to happen for yourself so basically
how this show works we are broken into
teams of 12 people now will say what he
wants from us and the team who does it
the fastest will win the most point it
was a lot of fun guys so let’s give you
an idea tom up first is this exotic
dancer who has to impress the guy
sitting in the chair now make sure you
guys pay attention to what mad half
would say throughout the show
he is pretty hilarious
as we move along Matt calls on the women
now this turns out to be one big orgasm
up next is the male strippers this part
was the best part of the show
it’s funny just amazed all these
birthday as well get your points and
I’ll be walking it for you want this
mannequin a no what about of your life
up first is the construction worker
next up is the cowboy
the Minnesota
he keeps the gravity on saving of you
would you then the office work reception
now this time he was on fire
this guy stole the whole damn show and
last up we have granddaddy the family
that I raised SSID okay let’s get you
now next is the woman’s turn
now the window were not as good as the
man most likely because their husbands
were watching but the guy in the chair
he’s not even in the women
up next shits about to get real
I’m sitting in my underwear at this
point and the floor is full of men in
women’s underwear Rises don’t go for it
occupation all right fine a man
occupation what happens next well why
don’t you guys just look for yourself
man look at granddaddy he is having the
time of his life
your hasta bling occupation mobster than
individual cheering here you go
cone a normally what you do baby
I work at the Olive Boston area and I
put a catch buffalo did you sell
engineer what you in here dick
okay know what you do you know really I
a little wine what do you think baby I’m
not sure sexual sexual what you do I am
a CP I want your tickler go tickler what
do they may be mining see even my dog
and what you do
now unfortunately guys I can’t show the
entire show but this was the greatest
show on the old ship I hope you guys
have enjoyed this video as we had one
hell of a time at this party so join us
next time guys as we close the doors to
the 8-day Caribbean cruise and I happen
to think karaoke with only half of a
voice if you like this video either
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see ya