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7 Tips in Teaching Your Man How to Use Sex Toys

Many men, especially with age, in intimate life are becoming quite conservative. Despite their many years of practice, their imagination is completely undeveloped, and the poses they watch in adult films are forgotten, so they often prefer to ìwork out a compulsory programî in bed, especially with a regular partner.

When a woman starts talking about role-playing games, when you can come up with a plot and act according to the scenario, and not just watch a partner in a maid costume dance a striptease, or that there are vibrating rings and other ìinteresting noveltiesî sigh and strain as if he is being asked not to try to have a qualitatively new sex , but to invite StasMikhailov to a concert or to his mother-in-lawís anniversary, where all his most “sworn relatives” will gather. The sex shops, which sell products that help diversify intimate life, most men bypass. Not because of embarrassment, but only because they do not understand why they should enter them, what they can buy there and for what purposes.

All because of all the same conservatism

It is impossible to say that it is a shame for a man to put on the penis some strange thing that vibrates to everything else. It cannot be said that he will become ashamed of the type of silicone products, which in the form strongly resemble a manís dignity, only of a much larger size, he will turn red and stick into a corner. The fact is that at the sight of silicone, vibrating or pulsating devices, it becomes uncomfortable: as if in his bed, which he bought, and if he didnít buy, then he simply chose for a long time, there will be something else that will bring pleasure to a woman – and perhaps more than him. Therefore, if you think that the time has come to revive your relationship, and decided to fight the bedding routine, first of all you will have to prepare your man. For the temperature playing heating and chilling butt plug the options are there.

If you just declare right away that you are dreaming about sex toys in your bedroom, he will most likely decide that he can no longer satisfy you. And even if, deep down in his heart, a man also does not mind adding a spark to your intimate life, having heard such a suggestion from you, he may feel hurt.

In order not to raise doubts and complexes, we offer you some valuable tips on how to prepare a man for sex toys:

Get him into a sex shop: Instead of conversations, stories and questions, choose the most presentable and pleasant in all respects store with sex-goods. To do this, first go on exploration: there are not so many really good sex-goods stores without a vulgar design and little-learned sellers. So go to the exploration, talk with the sellers, ask around, look. If you like everything – and you decide on those toys that you would like to buy – feel free to offer your partner to go to this store. Perhaps the store’s entourage, qualified seller advice and text descriptions will inspire your man to sexual experiments without any persuasion.

You can start by showing the toy in action: Prepare for a partner erotic private dance. In the process, get a toy and demonstrate how you will play with it. Do not allow him to join you for as long as possible until the man can endure. Try this method as a gift for a birthday, for an anniversary dating , wedding, or even on some occasion. Most likely, your partner will like it. Having achieved that the man not only did not throw the toy “overboard”, but also agreed to take her with him to bed, do not stop there, but beware that the first time will not be the last. Anyone shouldn’t force wearing cock cages on anybody.

Focus on the man: The main rule: you cannot concentrate all your attention on a toy, you need, first of all, to focus on your man. Use the toy only in preliminary caress to increase the excitement, and then leave it after some time. Remember, you must come to the finish line together and only during sexual intercourse, and not from using a toy.

Size matters: The man is afraid that he is not courageous enough, so do not choose a toy that will increase his anxiety. Find a toy that is smaller than what is below the belt. In addition, a large toy, especially with frequent use, can significantly stretch the vagina – it is better to choose mini-vibrators and dildos.

To persuade but not to insist: If, after days, weeks and even months of persuasion, you have not managed to persuade a man to the idea of ??ìplayingî in bed, then you will have to accept the situation and not aggravate the situation. You will have to add variety by using new poses and moving beyond your bed and bedroom. And hide the toy away – and reach out only when the husband leaves somewhere for a business trip or fishing.

Rules for the use of vibrators: tips for women 

One of the most popular sex toys in the world has been and remains a vibrator. It is vibrating dildos that appear in many erotic films and most strawberry content videos. In many womenís forums, suffering stormy satisfaction, women are looking for ways to achieve orgasm, both with the help of a partner and without his participation. However, in the pursuit of a popular product for intimate fun, many women experience a lot of difficulties and have dozens of questions regarding how to properly use a vibrator and care for their intimate “friend.” The sad result: the pleasure of using the cherished toy is reduced, and the products themselves refuse to serve for a long time and faithfully.

Properly care for a toy

Like any sexual accessory, directly related to both the external and internal parts of the genital organs, the vibrator requires special care. First of all, it is necessary to comply with hygienic rules, as well as to extend the life of the product. Before use, you must thoroughly wash the vibrator with warm water and soap and dry it naturally, without using a cloth or heating. When washing, special attention should be paid to ensure that water does not fall into the compartment with batteries. If such a nuisance has occurred – remove the batteries and dry the compartment, otherwise the contacts may rust, or, even worse, the motor may jam, after which the favorite vibrator will become just a dildo.

Many products are waterproof and declared to be suitable for use in ìwetî conditions, such as fun in the bathroom or even in water, so when cleaning them, it is important to ensure that the power compartment is securely closed.If vaginal or anal use is intended, it is recommended to use a stimulating lubricant or other special lubricant. The use of foreign substances such as creams, lotions, shampoos or even saliva is not recommended, as it may cause irritation of the delicate mucous membranes.

Check this article from Refinery29 for more information on how to clean sex toys.

Note: Saliva, despite its ìharmlessnessî, can cause various infections and disorders of the female microflora. Even a healthy person has a lot of different bacteria in his mouth, and if you have a sore throat or a tooth is damaged. To hell with extreme, buy a normal lubricant!