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6 Ways in Doing Anal Play wit Your Partner

Do you and your lover need some variation between the sheets? Then try anal play, or anal sex. You can of course do this in the regular way, or you make it more fun and take a butt plug. No idea how that works? Here is the Beginners guide to anal beads. The anal toy is certainly not only intended for gay couples, because also for hetero-couples the toys are a nice addition in bed.

Butt plug: icing on the cake

Butt plugs are incredibly versatile, so you can use them as preparation for anal sex or as icing on the cake during normal sex. They are made in different shapes, sizes and even different materials. Smooth or with bumps or vibrating or not, there is something for everyone. The shapes and sizes are tailored to how experienced someone is with having sex with butt plugs, and where someone’s preference goes. For the men, the toy is ideal for stimulating the prostate, and for women there is a feeling of well-being due to the pressure the toy gives to the vaginal wall. Sex with a butt plug provides a more intense orgasm, because it stimulates extra. Especially for experiencing an anal orgasm, it is definitely worth a try.

Our advice

As a beginner you can best go for a standard black, silicone, smooth and without vibration. A set with a number of different sizes is useful to start with. So you can experiment a bit. If anal play is nothing new for you, you can buy some advanced plug for example, one with a piece of jewelry or bobbles.

Make sure you do not buy a butt plug that was made especially for men. You can recognize these by a curve (similar to G-spot vibrator for the woman). The plugs are special to stimulate the P-spot, aka prostate, of the man.

Curious about this exciting toy: View a large assortment of butt plugs here and do not be afraid to just buy one! Are you looking for a reason to experiment with a butt plug? Experts would like to explain why a butt plug is a toy that is not only great for men, but also for women.

What is a butt plug?

A butt plug is easily recognizable for most people. They look typical with their narrow, tapered top to make insertion easy, the rounded middle section and the flared bottom that stays outside the body to prevent the plug from being drawn inwards. But while the ‘how’ speaks reasonably for itself (such a plug goes into your back, if you were not sure yet), there are many people who wonder ‘why?’ Maybe a little explanation helps. Who knows, my explanation may persuade you to buy a butt plug, experiment with it and eventually add it to your collection of erotic toys.

You can visit Loveplugs to see a collection of these elegant princess plugs.

Why do you enjoy a butt plug as a woman?

One of the biggest myths is that women do not like anal sex and that they only halfheartedly participate in anal games to satisfy their partner. Let me assure you: that is not true. Using a butt plug can ensure that you already experience more pleasure in all the variations that exist in the area of sex? This is a good way to reconnect with your partner — use butt plugs for more sex.

More intense sensations

A butt plug puts more pressure on the bottom of the vaginal wall, which makes the sensations that she experiences more intense. It is brought to light by a dildo, a vibrator or the inner penis of her lover. Many women also enjoy using a butt plug when they are being pampered orally. At the Cumming, the contractions as a result of the orgasm around the butt plug give a more intense feeling. The nerve endings in the area of ??the anus are stimulated – an erogenous zone that usually comes off quite badly.

The vagina feels tighter

There are ladies who use a butt plug to take the pleasure of their partner to a higher level. By inserting a plug, the space under the pubic bone between the hips is made a bit smaller. This makes the vagina feel tighter. Slightly more pressure and the presence of a solid object in the opening just below the vagina let her lap feel different, even more pleasurable for an inner penis

Check out this article from B-Vibe for butt plug beginners guide.

Why do you enjoy a butt plug as a man?

You could say that men are built straight to enjoy anal penetration. The prostate is an incredibly sensitive gland of which it feels particularly exciting when stimulated. The prostate sits a finger length diagonally above the anus. Maybe you have read my blog about this male version of the G-spot. It is true: men can very intense cumshot and / or ejaculate through prostate stimulation, more violently than with a ‘normal’ orgasm. And it is good for his health too!

Prostate stimulation

A curved butt plug or a specially designed toy aimed at prostate stimulation helps you to ensure that you hit the right spot. Men experience more pleasure, when masturbating, when they are pampered or when they make love with their partner in the position we know as ‘doggy style’.

Smarter and heavier cum shot

That extra pleasure is not only due to the prostate. When the pelvic floor muscles contract with an orgasm, the muscles of the anus contract around the plug, so that the shocks that the man experiences in the lower body become harder and more intense. This causes the strength and duration of his climax to increase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Customers who want to buy vaginal balls in stores regularly ask the following questions:

When I insert the balls, do they come back out?

Yes gravity always does its job, even with the smaller geisha balls without string. It is not like with anal use that the toy can be sucked up. So you do not have to fear that the retraction rope and / or a connecting string between the balls had to break, they will always come back from the vagina.

Can I also use vaginal balls anally?

The anal use of it is certainly not recommended, for this you can better use an anal sextoy that is specifically made for anal use, such as the anal beads or anal beads.

Can I cum when using vaginal balls?

You will probably not experience an ecstatic orgasm unless you stimulate your clit when inserting the balls. It will be a rather slight excitement or erotic feeling that you experience. Vaginal balls are also not meant to be finished, but after you have practiced with them. The vibrating cone balls, on the other hand, stimulate the vagina entrance and the G-spot due to their vibrations.