Month: November 2018

The Sexiest Ocean Cruises You’ll Actually Want to Go On

You’ve heard all about sex parties. Frankly, you might be even a little tired of hearing about sex parties. They exist. WE GET IT. But what about sex parties at sea? Well, now we’ve gone and just about blown your mind. Curiosity re-piqued! Let us paint you a semi-pornographic (to just regularly pornographic) picture: sailing […]

Cruise ship workers reveal what REALLY goes on at sea: ‘Everyone is having sex’

There have been reports of raucous guest behaviour on cruise ships over the years. But there’s a whole world going on behind the scenes where staff members get up to all sorts of mischief. Sun-soaked decks, decadent restaurants and wild pool parties are some of the few things that cruise ship staff get up to. A former […]

Crew members reveal what really happens on board

CRUISE ships are hotbeds of sex and scandal, say three crew members who have revealed the X-rated details of what really happens at sea. CRUISES were once the holiday choice of senior citizens spending their pensions seeing the world. But now they are a hotbed of sex and scandal, with 80 per cent of passengers […]