Carlyle in Retrospect

Erected in 1939, The Carlyle remains an iconic Art Deco landmark of a greatly celebrated bygone era. A distinguished architectural statement of her time, The Carlyle Hotel was not only a magnificent example of the fanciful optimism in design and architecture occurring simultaneously with the tragedy of World War II, but a timeless product from the famed Art Deco architectural masters, Kiehnel and Elliott. The façade of the modern-day Carlyle remains virtually unchanged from the original, constructed over sixty-six years ago. The Legacy of The Carlyle

The Legacy of The Carlyle

One of the most iconic locales on Ocean Drive, the legacy of the Carlyle is matched only by the ascension of Miami Beach. Instantly recognizable, the Carlyle is one of the most sought after settings for photo shoots, televised programming, Hollywood, and independent, film making. Providing solace for a range of sensibilities, from sophisticated jet setter to entrepreneurial freethinkers, the Carlyle has established itself, as the cornerstone property for all that is grand in the new South Beach.

BAD BOYS 2 (2003)
Michael Bay (Dir.)
Will Smith, Martin Lawerence,
Gabrielle Union
Sydney Pollack (Dir.)
Harrison Ford, Kirsten Scott Thomas
PRONTO (1997)
Jim McBride (Dir.)
Peter Falk
Mike Nicolas (Dir.)
Robin Williams, Nathan Lane
Brian DePalma (Dir.)
Al Pacino, Michelle Pfeifer

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